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Dog Collar Bandanas and Waterproof Collars!

I just wanted to take a few moments to introduce some of our newest trail buddy accessories and how they can work interchangeably! We have two bandana styles: classic bandanas that are in triangle shape that you tie yourself, and collar style bandanas that are made to slip over a collar and be worn that way. The collar bandanas are one of my favorites for being lightweight, durable, and easy to add for a day of hiking!

Dog wearing blue and white bandana on collar

I added a video here with a little tip; you collar bandana will come with a simple, narrow, black nylon quick release collar, but it can be easily transferred to a different collar like our waterproof collars to simplify things! I like to do it this way since Perkins also wears a harness to hike. I use the bandana to not only look adorable, but also as a bug deterrent. I have an all natural bug repellent stick, and I add a couple of swipes to her bandana before putting it on. She hates gnats and bugs around her face so this really helps! She also likes to take a swim if we find a lake, and the bandana dries quickly and doesn’t get bogged down or hold water (just like the waterproof collar!).


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