Multi-Function Shorts test - Stone Mountain NC - Appalachian Bittersweet

Multi-Function Shorts test - Stone Mountain NC

We had a great warm spring weekend in NC, and decided it was perfect weather to test our Unisex Multi-Function shorts even further. These have a built in shorts liner, very much like boy shorts, that are made out of a silky breathable mesh. With the temps in the 80s on a bright and sunny day, it was the perfect chance to see how sweat wicking and breathable these felt! 

Myself and my 7yo hiking partner happily made the climb, enjoying breaks in the lovely spring breeze as we went. Although it was hot, I will say the shorts dried completely on our break to eat lunch, and I never had any issues with them riding up or shifting uncomfortably under my backpack as we hiked. The pockets were deep and convenient for my phone, and the stretch in the material also kept them comfortable all day during the hike and the drive to and from Stone Mountain State Park.

I paired the Terra-cotta Recycled Multi-Purpose hiking shorts with the matching Longline Sport Bra top and a cotton blend tank top for this hike to the top of Stone Mountain in North Carolina.

Multi-purpose shorts at Stone Mountain NC

Hiking Stone Mountain State Park

Lunch break on Stone Mountain NC

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