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NEW Shorts! 2 in 1 style for adaptability

Person wearing 2 in 1 long hiking shorts and posing outside with hand on hip.

We are super excited to be able to introduce a brand new style of shorts before the summer is out! Our 2 in 1 shorts are a newer concept that have gained much popularity in the running world, but we have found work extremely well for hiking in hot weather as well. We have 2 lengths available in various prints and colors: long shorts with an inseam just over 6", and short with an inseam of right around 3". The long shorts feature 2 zip pockets on the overshort and 1 phone slip pocket on the inner shorts; the short length just features 1 slip phone pocket on the inner shorts. 

So why have 2 layers?

We have discovered that when hiking in loose shorts in hot weather, friction can be a problem when dealing with sweat and areas of skin that may touch while walking. In our 2 in 1 shorts, we have a very stretchy, fitted inner layer that supports and covers to make sure skin is protected from these areas of friction. The inner layer is light, breathable, and features 4 way stretch that lightly hugs and supports. 

Our outer layer provides the perfect level of coverage while still allowing ultimate breathability with a lightweight, 2-way stretch mesh. This means no overly revealing underwear lines, lumps, bumps, or other areas you may prefer to have a little more coverage than what is offered by extremely fitted options. This outer layer also gives us the opportunity to provide extremely secure, zip pockets (in our long shorts) so you don't have to worry about losing important items while hiking, climbing, or running!

We are extremely proud of the unisex fit option for both lengths, and the inclusive size range of XS-4XL in our long short and XS-3XL in our short length. 

Person standing in the woods by a creek while hiking in a pair of 2 in 1 long shorts.Person standing by a creek with a hand showing the phone pocket on the 2 in 1 long shorts.

We have been testing these shorts while on the trail in humid North Carolina weather! Our overall impression is that these shorts performed well, and we didn't feel overly hot in the 2 layers. The inner layer seemed to wick sweat well, and we had no chafe or friction issues while wearing these on a hike of several miles, up and down hills, through creeks and rocky areas. The pockets came in handy; we used the zip pockets to carry our keys and important items and the inner phone pocket to cary our phone, and it was very secure. The stretch allowed us to move without feeling any binding or restriction. I would suggest to always measure based on the size chart on our website!

*These shorts are made in one of our international production facilities in China; this facility is small and offers one of the best selections of recycled polyester materials available, as well as fair wages and eco-friendly practices. We ship most orders from here via express shipping after the items have been cut and sewn by hand individually for you after you order.  

Person placing phone in slip pocket on the short 2 in 1 shorts in a mushroom pattern.

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