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Our Designs - Original and Hand Drawn by Myself here in Western NC

Hello again! My name is Melissa, and I would like to take a moment to reintroduce myself as the owner of Appalachian Bittersweet and the artist behind all of our designs.

Grand Canyon Art

I have always been an artist and love to express my joy and interest in the outdoors through artistic expression. My MFA and time spent as a college art instructor have led me to feeling joy in the process of creating, and these apparel designs allow me to combine the arts with one of my biggest passions. 
Appalachian trail art

My creative process typically begins with digital, free hand sketching in which I work to capture the unique aspects and characteristics of the National Park I’ve been inspired by. Often this inspiration comes from a hike or personal experience, so you will see many of our amazing parks here in Western NC featured in my work! From there I will edit or adjust as needed in Illustrator until I have the final design that feels right. 


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