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Price Updates!

We've done everything we could to hold off, but inflation is REAL right now. All of our manufacturing partners have not only increased their prices on the manufacturing of our products, but shipping as well. As much as we hate price changes, we also want to be able to keep using our responsible manufacturing partners who not only stand behind the quality products we make (and will go to lengths to help us right any issues that may happen so we can best serve our customers), but also work to create more products made with eco-conscious materials, recycled packaging where possible, and also offer the ability to use manufacturing locations around the world that can often help us deliver more quickly to our customers. 

Due to the world in its current state, we've had to increase our pricing around 13% across the board. This means only a dollar or two on some products, but a more significant jump on others. We will still offer our BOGO 25% deals and FREE SHIPPING on purchases over $100, because we know everyone is struggling to make every cent count right now!

We will also continue to make giving back a priority for us. We donate 10% of every sale to contribute to non-profits that help make a difference in the Outdoors, like the National Park Foundation. We also have a special category of products we will be focusing more energy on that partner with specific non-profits and donate 20% of each sale of those products to help the individual non-profit named. These "Give Back" products have become a new prime focus for us, and we will be working hard in the coming months to partner with some special groups to create designs and gear that will give back. 

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