We Are Turning Recycled Plastic into Performance Wear - Appalachian Bittersweet

We Are Turning Recycled Plastic into Performance Wear

We have FINALLY hit another goal! Over 80% of our product line is now made out of 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and other plastic waste. This means a smaller carbon footprint and less plastic ending up in oceans and landfills! You can feel good about what you're wearing when it comes to purchasing new performance clothing from us; and we won't stop here. We will continue working to convert more and more of our product line to eco-conscious fabrics, continue giving back with each purchase, and continue taking care of this world so we can all be outside enjoying nature instead of destroying it!

To identify products from our recycled line, you will see this designated in the title, as well as see this image in the product listing. We thank you for all your support that has made these changes possible!

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